European Micropezids & Tanypezids

The answers to our questions are everywhere; we just need to change the lens with which we see the world (Benyus)


Determine identity or post a record

There are a number of online sites from which an identification may be obtained if you post the image. Success largely depends upon how large a community regularly check such sites.
They can be broadly divided into two types based upon what you know about the identity of your material: "haven't a clue" (hc) and "got a good idea" (ggi)

Post on the emboldened sites to ensure your record gets used for scientific research & conservation


  1. iSpot (hc + ggi) good community overall but not specialised in Diptera
  2. iNaturalist (ggi) strong community, postings are soon found by expert identifiers
  3. Social media sites - there will undoubtedly be several across the world which are devoted to Diptera.
  4. Dipterists Forum's Facebook pages seem to be attracting a number of international enquiries (hc)


  1. The European Diptera site attracts contributors from all over Europe and is a good place to post information or make identification requests (hc + ggi).

British Isles

  1. Dipterists Forum Forum (hc + ggi)
  2. UK Biological Records Centre's iRecord, used when identifications are reasonably certain  (ggi)
  3. This scheme's bulletin board  Scheme Forum. - community currently tiny, use for messages
  4. Social media sites (this scheme doesn't subscribe, please repost on some other system)
  5. Twitter (Dipterists Forum) - please repost on some other system if you obtain an identification

France: Le Mondes des Insectes

Spain:  Invertebrados InsectariumVirtual

Russia: MacroID

There are others, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian etc. but their purpose is difficult to determine for non-linguists. Please contact me if there are any that need to be added.

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