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A contribution to the biology and morphology of the larvae of Megamerinidae (Diptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:N. P. Krivosheina, Krivosheina M. G.
Journal:Studia dipterologica
Keywords:biology, description, larvae, Megamerina, Megamerina dolium, Megamerinidae, morphology

Data on the poorly known larvae of Megamerinidae are given. The larvae of Megamerina dolium (Fabricius) and two species of Texara Walker: T. savolaineni (Frey) and T. stackelbergi Krivosheina, Krivosheina & Nartschuk were collected under the bark of fallen trunks. Keys to the larvae of the genera of Megamerinidae and to the species of Texara are given.

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