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The Psilidae (Diptera) of Israel , with emphasis on the Chamaepsila hebraica group

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:A. Freidberg, Shatalkin A.
Journal:Israel Journal of Entomology
Keywords:buccata, Chamaepsila, Chamaepsila buccata, Chamaepsila gracilis, Chamaepsila hebraica, Chamaepsila hebraica group, Chamaepsila homochroa, Chamaepsila kaszabi, Chamaepsila sardoa, Chamaepsila setalba, Chyliza, Chyliza gracilis, faunistics, Israel, Loxocera, new species, Orobanche, Psilidae, taxonomy

The Psilidae (Diptera) fauna of Israel is reviewed and found to include 11 species: Chyliza extenuata (Rossi); Loxocera aristata (Panzer); and nine species of Chamaepsila, three of which (Ch. basalis, Ch. friedmani, and Ch. homochroa) are described as new. Chamaepsila hebraica Hennig is redescribed and its taxonomic and nomenclatural status are clarified, including a designation of a neotype. This species and the three newly described species comprise a monophyletic group (the hebraica group) endemic to Israel and its immediate environs. The little known and rarely collected Chyliza gracilis Loew is transferred to Chamaepsila (new combination) in which it is a homonym of Chamaepsila gracilis (Meigen). It is therefore renamed as Chamaepsila setalba, nomen novum, and redescribed. A key to all the Israeli taxa and a discussion of their temporal and geographic distribution in Israel are provided.

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