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A new record of mass occurrence of Pseudopomyza atrimana (Meigen), with notes on probable breeding habitat of the species (Diptera : Pseudopomyzidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:J. Roháček
Journal:Časopis Slezského zemského muzea Opava (A)
Keywords:diptera, English names, habitat, mass occurrence, mating, Pseudopomyza, Pseudopomyza atrimana, Pseudopomyzidae, Slovakia

A mass occurrence of adults of Pseudopomyza atrimana (Meigen, 1830), the only European representative of the family Pseudopomyzidae, on heaps of rotten cut grass in woodland areas of the Muránska planina National Park (Slovakia) is described. All available biological information on the species is summarized and probable breeding substrates are discussed. Frequent mating of P. atrimana on rotten grass was observed and photographed.

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