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New records of Psilidae, Piophilidae, Lauxaniidae, Cremifaniidae and Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:J. Roháček, Barták, M., Preisler, J.
Journal:Acta Musei Silesiae, Scientiae Naturales
Keywords:Chamaepsila, Chamaepsila andreji, Chamaepsila confusa, Chamaepsila tenebrica, Chamaepsila unilineata, larvae

Records of eight rare species of the families Psilidae (4), Piophilidae (1), Lauxaniidae (1), Cremifaniidae (1) and Sphaeroceridae (1) from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria are presented and their importance to the knowledge of the biodiversity of local faunas is discussed along with notes on their biology, distribution and identification. Psilidae: Chamaepsila tenebrica (Shatalkin, 1986) is a new addition to the West Palaearctic fauna (recorded from the Czech Republic and Slovakia); Ch. andreji (Shatalkin, 1991) and Ch. confusa Shatalkin & Merz, 2010 are recorded from the Czech Republic (both Bohemia and Moravia) and Ch. andreji also from Austria for the first time, and Ch. unilineata (Zetterstedt, 1847) is added to the fauna of Moravia. Also Homoneura lamellata (Becker, 1895) (Lauxaniidae) and Cremifania nigrocellulata Czerny, 1904 (Cremifaniidae) are first recorded from Moravia and Copromyza pseudostercoraria Papp, 1976 (Sphaeroceridae) is a new addition to faunas of both the Czech Republic (Moravia only) and Slovakia, and its record from Moravia represents a new northernmost limit of its distribution. Pseudoseps signata (Fallén, 1820) (Piophilidae), an endangered species in the Czech Republic, is reported from Bohemia for second time. Photographs of Chamaepsila tenebrica (male), Pseudoseps signata (living female), Homoneura lamellata (male), Cremifania lanceolata (male) and Copromyza pseudostercoraria (male) are presented to enable recognition of these species.

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