European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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European Stalk-eyed Fly

Following its discovery in 1997 there have been two papers and a number of expeditions by photographers to find the European Jester, Sphyracephala europaea

Nikola Rahme's blog at … lfold.html  is an account (in Hungarian) of a 2009 photographic expedition

Nikola is a prize-winning photographer with a Flickr site and there are many more photographs of  Sphyracephala europaea there. For example at and a stacked frontal view of the head at

Other Hungarian dipterists have gone looking for it, Yordan Kutsarov at and Walter Pfliegler on  and at … ngarn.html
It's on the Danube and there's mention of records in Bulgaria but I'm unable to trace any records from that country.

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