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Diptera of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area – Biosphere Reserve (Central Slovakia)

Publication Type:Miscellaneous
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:J. Roháček, Ševčík J.
ISBN Number:9788089310555
Keywords:Biodiversity, biogeography, Calobata petronella, Chamaepsila, Chamaepsila pallida, diptera, larvae, Megamerina, Megamerina dolium, Micropeza, Micropeza corrigiolata, micropezidae, nature conservancy, NERIA, Neria femoralis, new faunal records, Poľana Mts, Pseudopomyza atrimana, Rainieria, Rainieria calceata, Slovakia, Strongylophthalmyia, Strongylophthalmyia ustulata

Results are presented of a long-term research of the biodiversity of Diptera in the Poľana Protected Landscape Area - Biosphere Reserve (Central Slovakia). The research was carried out in 53 localities in 1999- 2009. Following a historical review of previous investigations, general characteristics of the study area and descriptions of localities under study, a survey of all registered species is given in family sections. A brief comment on distribution and biology and an enumeration of both published and new records from the study area appear with each species. In total, 2,675 species belonging to 95 families are listed, 2,470 species having been recorded based on the material obtained during the present research. Of these, 374 species represent the first records from Slovakia, including 12 species which were described recently as new to science, at least in part, from the Poľana material. In addition, 409 other species of particular significance (from faunal, biogeographical, ecological or nature conservancy points of view) are recorded. A high diversity of the dipterous communities and, more significantly, an unusually large representation of new, rare, stenotopic and threatened species in the local fauna of Diptera confirm an exceptional natural merit of this volcanic montane range of the West Carpathians.

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