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Further additions and corrections to the Hungarian checklist (Diptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:L. Papp
Journal:Folia Entomologica Hungarica
Keywords:Chamaepsila triorbiseta, Pseudopomyza, Pseudopomyza atrimana, Strongylophthalmyia ustulata

First records and additional data to the Hungarian Diptera as well as corrections to the Checklist for species of Ptychopteridae, Dixidae, Thaumaleidae, Diadocidiidae, Keroplatidae, Tabanidae, Mythicomyiidae, Bombyliidae, Hybotidae, Atelestidae, Empididae, Dolichopodidae, Platypezidae, Phoridae, Psilidae, Tephritidae, Pallopteridae, Lonchaeidae, Sepsidae, Sciomyzidae, Lauxaniidae, Chamaemyiidae, Agromyzidae, Carnidae, Milichiidae, Ephydridae and Scathophagidae are reported (63 species new for Hungary). Monocentrota Becker, Glabellula Bezzi, Platypygus Loew, Brachystoma Meigen, Stemonocera Rondani, Sylvestrodasiops Morge, Lipoleucopis de Meijere, Brachydeutera Loew and Coniosternum Becker are those genera, which are recorded for the first time. Diadocidia setistylus sp. n., Symballophthalmus inermis sp. n., Chamaepsila triorbiseta sp. n., Hemeromyia vibrissina sp. n. are described from Hungary. With 15 figures.

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