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Notes on new and interesting Diptera from Norway

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:Ø. Gammelmo, Søli G.
Journal:Norwegian Journal of Entomology
Keywords:Anthomyzidae, Asteiidae, Cnodacophora stylifera, diptera, Drosophilidae, Ephydridae, Lauxaniidae, micropezidae, Norway, Phoridae, Pipunculidae, Psila fimetaria, Psilidae, Sphaeroceridae, Stongylophthalmyidae, Strongylophthalmyia pictipes, Tephritidae

Thirty-one species are reported new to Norway, most of them from the Oslofjord-area. The species are: Phoridae: Borophaga agilis (Meigen, 1830), Borophaga incrassata (Meigen, 1830), Diplonevra abbreviata (von Roser, 1840), Diplonevra florescens (Turton, 1801), Diplonevra funebris (Meigen, 1830), Diplonevra pilosella (Schmitz, 1927), Megaselia barbulata (Wood, 1909), Megaselia subconvexa (Lundbeck, 1920), Phalacrotophora berolinensis Schmitz, 1920, Woodiphora retroversa (Wood, 1908); Pipunculidae: Chalarus latifrons Hardy, 1943, Chalarus spurius (Fallen, 1816), Tomosvaryella littoralis (Becker, 1897); Micropezidae: Cnodacophora stylifera (Loew, 1870); Stongylophthalmyidae: Strongylophthalmyia pictipes Frey, 1935; Psilidae: Psila fimetaria (Linnaeus, 1761); Tephritidae: Campiglossa argyrocephala (Loew, 1844), Orellia falcata (Scopoli, 1763); Lauxaniidae: Trigonometopus frontalis (Meigen, 1830); Anthomyzidae: Anthomyza macra Czerny, 1928; Asteiidae: Asteia amoena Meigen, 1830; Sphaeroceridae: Leptocera oldenbergi (Duda, 1918), Pullimosina moesta (Villeneuve, 1918); Drosophilidae: Hirtodrosophila oldenbergi (Duda, 1924), Scaptodrosophila deflexa (Duda, 1924), Scaptomyza teinoptera Hackman, 1955, Drosophila limbata von Roser, 1840, Hirtodrosophila trivittata (Strobl, 1893); Ephydridae: Nostima picta Fallén, 1813, Scatella lutosa (Haliday, 1833), Haloscatella dichaeta Loew, 1860. In addition, the Norwegian fauna of Anthomyzidae is briefly commented on.

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