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Revised and advanced list of the dipteran species of Turkey

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:A. Ömer Koçak, Kemal M.
Journal:CesaNews, Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara
Keywords:acroceridae, agromyzidae, anthomyiidae, Anthomyzidae, asilidae, athericidae, bibionidae, blephariceridae, bolitophilidae, bombyliidae, braulidae, calliphoridae, carnidae, cecidomyiidae, ceratopogonidae, Chamaepsila setalba, Chyliza extenuata, diptera, fauna, list, Loxocera aristata, Micropeza corrigiolata, Micropeza nigra, Neria octoannulata, Oxypsila abdominalis, Psila (Oxypsila) abdominalis, turkey

Revised and advanced list of the dipteran species of Turkey. Cesa News 98: 14-105, 9 figs. This paper deals with the updated species list of Diptera of Turkey. Totally 3318 species of 74 families are given alphabetically. Distributional information are mentioned as codes. Nine species are illustrated in nature. Rhinia apicalis (Calliphoridae), and the genus Cephalodromia (Mythichomyiidae)

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