European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Scarce and unusual flies in Wiltshire

Publication Type:Miscellaneous
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:M. Lindstrom
Keywords:Tanypeza, Tanypeza longimana

A visiting Swedish dipterist Mattias Lindstrom (from Lund University) carried out a survey of diptera at WWT sites in northern Wiltshire, between the 22nd June and the 1st July. He visited Clattinger Farm and Lower Moor Farm, Blakehill Farm and Langford Lakes, and identified in total 467 diptera specimens covering 75 species. Unsurprisingly the most species rich family was the Syrphidae, comprising 40 species, representing 53.3% of the total. Among the rarer species found are the tanypezid fly Tanypeza longimana, the fruit fly Oxyna nebulosa, the soldier flies Oxycera morrisii and Beris fuscipes, the ptychopterid crane fly Ptychoptera longicauda and the hover flies Volucella inflata and Epistrophe diaphana. O. nebulosa (RDB3) and T. longimana (RDB2) are red data book species.

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