European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Micropezidae (Diptera) of Czechoslovakia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:J. Roháček, Barták M.
Journal:Casopis slezskeho zemskeho muzea Opava (A)
Keywords:Calobata petronella, Calobatella longiceps, Cnodacophora sellata, Cnodacophora stylifera, larvae, Micropeza, Micropeza brevipennis, Micropeza cingulata, Micropeza corrigiolata, NERIA, Neria commutata, Neria femoralis, Neria longiceps, Rainieria, Rainieria calceata, Rainieria latifrons

A review of the Micropezidae of Czechoslovakia is presented with notes on their biology and general distribution. Altogether 12 species are recorded, 3 of them for the first time in Czechoslovakia - Micropeza brevipennis von Roser, 1840, Cnodacophora stylifera (Loew, 1870) and Rainieria latifrons (Loew, 1870). New phenological data and a corrected checklist of Czechoslovak species are given together with an original illustrated key to Central European Micropezidae.

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