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New records of Micropezidae (Diptera, Acalyptratae) from South Korea, with description of a new species of Rainieria Rondani

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:W. Kim, Vander-Weele, R., Lee, S.
Start Page:26
ISBN Number:

The stilt-legged fly (Diptera, Micropezidae) fauna of South Korea is reviewed, including a description of a new species, Rainieria tenebrosa Kim and Lee sp. nov., and 4 new distributional records (Micropezinae: Micropeza soosi Ozerov; Taeniapterinae: Rainieria triseta Li, Liu & Yang, Mimegralla suzukiana (Matsumura); Calobatinae: Compsobata dentigera (Loew)). Detailed information on the biology of the new species is presented. Keys to the Palearctic species of Rainieria and the Korean Micropezidae species are provided.

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