European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Review of the Japanese Micropezidae (Diptera). - Cothornobata cyanea Hendel, 1913 and Neria commutata (Czerny, 1930) new to Japan

Publication Type:Journal
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:K. Ichige

Calobatinae; Micropezinae; Taeniapterinae; Eurybatinae; Cothornobata; Micropeza; Mimegralla; Rainieria; Neria; Cnodacophora; Calobata; Mimegralla albimana suzukiana; Mimegralla albimana; Mimegralla albimana galbula; Mimegralla australica; Rainieria boninensis; Rainieria hennegi; Rainieria latifrons; Cothornobata cyanea; Neria commutata; Neria japonica; Neria dentigera; Calobata mammilata; Cnodacophora rufithorax

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