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Dipterological notes from the Ojców National Park – part II

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:A. Klasa, Palaczyk A.
Journal:Dipteron, Bulletin of the Dipterological Section of the Polish Entomological Society
ISBN Number:1895–4464
Keywords:Chyliza, Chyliza vittata, Psila, Psila fimetaria, Strongylophthalmyia, Strongylophthalmyia ustulata

The paper presents a list of 74 species belonging to 17 families of flies (Diptera) that occur in the Ojców National Park, including 43 species reported from this area for the first time. Among them one species, Rhamphomyia sulcatella COLLIN, 1926 (Empididae) is new for Polish fauna. The study clearly shows that flies are still poorly recognized group of insects in the park, as so far only 1018 species have been reported from this protected area.

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