European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Geospatial datasets

Geospatial datasets for European Biogeography

Country outline maps are available at different resolutions. For critical work the highest resolution will likely be obtainable from that country's mapping agency or other free source. The resolution of TDWG is lower but perfectly adequate for use as distribution maps in a single country.
The hosts of some sites keep moving the location of their datasets around. These are the latest sightings:



  • Use TDWG for country outlines where possible as they match up with various standards
  • European Environment Agency - EEA reference grids to all European countries. Some countries such as British Isles and Czech Republic + Slovakia use specific grids of their own devising.
  • Various European GIS map resources and guidelines at Eionet
British Isles
  • Various datasets from Slovenia's Surveying and Mapping Authority - via login and application, it used to be via direct download
Czech Republic & Slovakia

  1. Brummitt, R. K. (2001). World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions Edition 2. International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases For Plant Sciences (TDWG).
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