European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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European Atlas

The European Atlas of Micropezids & Tanypezids Version 7 was uploaded as a preprint to Researchgate in 2018
It provided a comprehensive list of references to aid researchers and compared country lists with those listed in Fauna Europaea.

Point distributions across Europe required a more detailed hunt through a variety of sources. The following list provides that detail and is derived from 54 published papers, numerous online posts, initiatives by this Recording Scheme and submissions to GBGs through various mechanisms and institutions across Europe. In particular these include iNaturalist & GBIF records. Compiled in April 2023.

The following list provides European maps with point distributions (just the ones in bold)

Pseudopomyza atrimana point map
Calobata petronella point map
Cnodacophora sellata point map
Cnodacophora stylifera point map (also Holarctic)
Neria caucasica point map
Neria cibaria point map
Neria commutata point map
Neria ephippium comparison map (red symbols) point map
Neria femoralis point map
Neria longiceps point map
Neria nigricornis point map
Neria octoannulata comparison map (orange symbols) point map
Neria schumanni point map
Micropeza angustipennis point map
Micropeza brevipennis point map
Micropeza cingulata point map
Micropeza corrigiolata point map
Micropeza grallatrix point map
Micropeza lateralis point map
Micropeza nigra point map
Rainieria calceata point map
Rainieria latifrons point map
Tanypeza longimana point map (also Holarctic)
Strongylophthalmyia paula point map
Strongylophthalmyia pictipes point map
Strongylophthalmyia ustulata point map
Sphyracephala europaea point map
Megamerina dolium point map
Chyliza annulipes point map
Chyliza extenuata point map
Chyliza leguminicola point map
Chyliza leptogaster point map
Chyliza nova point map
Chyliza vittata point map
Loxocera aristata point map
Loxocera hoffmannseggi point map
Imantimyia albiseta point map
Imantimyia fulviventris point map
Imantimyia nigrifrons point map
Imantimyia sylvatica point map
Psila fimetaria point map
Psila merdaria point map
Psilosoma audouini point map
Psilosoma lefebvrei point map
Chamaepsila atra point map
Chamaepsila bicolor point map
Chamaepsila buccata point map
Chamaepsila clunalis point map
Chamaepsila confusa point map
Chamaepsila ephippium point map
Chamaepsila gracilis point map
Chamaepsila humeralis point map
Chamaepsila luteola point map
Chamaepsila morio point map
Chamaepsila nigra point map
Chamaepsila nigricornis point map
Chamaepsila nigrosetosa point map
Chamaepsila obscuritarsis point map
Chamaepsila pallida point map
Chamaepsila pectoralis point map
Chamaepsila persimilis point map
Chamaepsila quadrilineata point map
Chamaepsila rosae point map
Chamaepsila rufa point map
Chamaepsila sardoa point map
Chamaepsila strigata point map
Chamaepsila unilineata point map
Chamaepsila villosula point map

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