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World Atlas: Calobatinae


Nomenclature after Ozerov, 1991. European maps detailed elsewhere on this site

Calobata fuscipes Macquart, 1847 no sign except GBIF
Calobata mammilata Loew, 1854 syn of Neria mammilata (see GBIF)
Calobata rottensis (Statz, 1940) [FOSSIL]
Calobata petronella (Linnaeus, 1758) [European]
Cnodacophora helleni (Frey, 1918) only as a name in GBIF
Cnodacophora imitans (Soós, 1975) (see GBIF) - synonym of Cnodacophora stylifera by Ozerov (1987) who examined all the material from Mongolia
Cnodacophora immaculata Merritt & Peterson, 1976 [Nearctic]
Cnodacophora maritima Ozerov, 1987 [Palaearctic]
Cnodacophora nasoni (Cresson, 1914) [Nearctic] - synonym of Cnodacophora stylifera (Loew, 1870)
Cnodacophora rufithorax (Hennig, 1938) [Palaearctic]
Cnodacophora stylifera (Loew, 1870) [Holarctic]
Cnodacophora subarctica Merritt & Peterson, 1976 [Nearctic]
Neria borealis (Ozerov, 1987) [Palaearctic]
Neria caucasica (Ozerov, 1990) [European]
Neria cibaria (Linnaeus, 1758) [European]
Neria columbiana (Merritt & Peterson, 1976) [Nearctic]
Neria commutata (Czerny, 1930 [European)
Neria dentigera (Loew, 1854) [Palaearctic] but included in this European list due to an error in Fauna Europaea
Neria ephippium (Fabricius, 1794) [European]
Neria femoralis (Meigen, 1826) [European]
Neria huashanica (Li, Liu & Yang, 2012) [Palaearctic]
Neria jamesi (Merritt, 1971)  [Nearctic] - to be done, one locality on GBIF
Neria japonica (Hennig, 1938) [Palaearctic]
Neria kennicotti (Banks, 1926) [Nearctic]
Neria longiceps (Loew, 1870) [European]
Neria mammillata (Loew, 1854) no published records, see GBIF
Neria microfulcrum (James, 1946) see GBIF - guess I should add this, paper not currently Open Access
Neria mima (Hennig, 1936)  [Nearctic]
Neria nasoni (Cresson, 1914) [Nearctic] misid of Cnodacophora nasoni
Neria nigricornis (Zetterstedt, 1838) [European]
Neria nigrolamellata (Becker, 1907) just a reference in GBIF
Neria nitens (Loew, 1870) [Palaearctic] one locality in GBIF
Neria nitidicollis (Frey, 1947) = synonym of Neria helleri (Ozerov, 1987) of which nothing is known
Neria octoannulata (Strobl, 1899) [European]
Neria orientalis (Ozerov, 1987) [Palaearctic]
Neria pallipes (Say, 1823)  [Nearctic]
Neria rufithorax (Hennig, 1938) just a reference in GBIF
Neria sachalinensis (Hennig, 1938) just a reference in GBIF
Neria schumanni (Soós, 1975) [European]
Neria silvicola (Ozerov, 1987) [Palaearctic]
Neria uchidana (Hennig, 1938) = synonym of Neria mammilata (Ozerov, 1987)
Neria univittata (Walker, 1849) [Nearctic]


Calobatina: Nowhere suggested that this is a member of the Calobatinae, indeed its distribution (see GBIF) and description suggest not. In which case this is an extraordinarily silly Genus name to choose. Originating from the south then.

North American distribution

A combination of GBIF downloads (which includes iNaturalist) and locations scanned from the maps in Merritt R.W. & Peterson B. V. 1976. A synopsis of the Micropezidae (Diptera) of Canada and Alaska, with descriptions of four new species. Can. J. Zool. 54: 1488–1506.

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