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The Psilidae (Diptera, Acalyptrata) of Switzerland , with description of two new species from Central Europe

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:A. I. Shatalkin, Merz B.
Journal:Revue Suisse de Zoologie
Keywords:Chamaepsila, Chamaepsila atra, Chamaepsila bicolor, Chamaepsila buccata, Chamaepsila confusa, Chamaepsila humeralis, Chamaepsila limbatella, Chamaepsila morio, Chamaepsila nigra, Chamaepsila nigricornis, Chamaepsila obscuritarsis, Chamaepsila pallida, Chamaepsila pectoralis, Chamaepsila persimilis, Chamaepsila quadrilineata, Chamaepsila rosae, Chamaepsila sardoa, Chamaepsila unilineata, Chamaepsila villosula, Checklist, Chyliza, Chyliza annulipes, Chyliza extenuata, Chyliza gracilis, Chyliza leptogaster, Chyliza nova, Chyliza vittata, Imantimyia, Imantimyia albiseta, Imantimyia fulviventris, Imantimyia nigrifrons, Imantimyia sylvatica, larvae, Loxocera, Loxocera albiseta, Loxocera aristata, Loxocera fulviventris, Loxocera glandicula, Loxocera hoffmannseggi, Loxocera maculata, Loxocera sylvatica, new species - keys, Psila, Psila fimetaria, Psila helvetica, Psila merdaria, psilidae - switzerland, Psilosoma audouini, Psilosoma lefebvrei

The Psilidae (Diptera, Acalyptrata) of Switzerland, with description of two new species from Central Europe. - The family Psilidae is reviewed for Switzerland and data are listed for all species currently known from this country. Chamaepsila sardoa (Rondani) and Ch. unilineata (Zetterstedt) are recorded for the first time from Switzerland. Psila (s. str.) helvetica sp. n. (Switzerland) and Chamaepsila confusa sp. n. (France, Switzerland) are described and illustrated. Keys for the European species of Psila s. str. Meigen and the Chamaepsila pallida group are provided. A summary of diagnostic characters of the genera of Psila s. lat. is given. An updated checklist of the 36 Swiss species is presented.

Taxonomic name: 
Chamaepsila (European species), Chamaepsila atra (European species), Chamaepsila bicolor (European species), Chamaepsila buccata (European species), Chamaepsila confusa (European species), Chamaepsila humeralis (European species), Chamaepsila limbatella (European species), Chamaepsila morio (European species), Chamaepsila nigra (European species), Chamaepsila nigricornis (European species), Chamaepsila obscuritarsis (European species), Chamaepsila pallida (European species), Chamaepsila pectoralis (European species), Chamaepsila persimilis (European species), Chamaepsila quadrilineata (European species), Chamaepsila rosae (European species), Chamaepsila sardoa (European species), Chamaepsila unilineata (European species), Chamaepsila villosula (European species), Chyliza (European species), Chyliza annulipes (European species), Chyliza extenuata (European species), Chyliza leguminicola (European species), Chyliza leptogaster (European species), Chyliza nova (European species), Chyliza vittata (European species), Imantimyia (European species), Imantimyia albiseta (European species), Imantimyia fulviventris (European species), Imantimyia nigrifrons (European species), Imantimyia sylvatica (European species), Loxocera (European species), Loxocera aristata (European species), Loxocera hoffmannseggi (European species), Loxocera maculata (European species), Psila (European species), Psila fimetaria (European species), Psila helvetica (European species), Psila merdaria (European species), Psilosoma audouini (European species), Psilosoma lefebvrei (European species)
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