European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Bulletin 95



This page augments the print version of Bulletin 95 by providing links to numerous websites and downloads.
The current list of Diptera-related Scratchpads and iNaturalist sites, some recording based resources and others.

Recording Schemes

  1. Brochure (interactive pdf)
  2. iNaturalistUK Recording Schemes project (links to the majority of them)


  1. Dipterists Forum's Open Data on NBN Atlas 10 Recording Schemes & 11 Field Week expeditions.
  2. Dipterists Forum's Flickr group

British Diptera Identifiers

  1. Verifier list: iRecord (22 UK experts) iNaturalist (19 world experts each having over 1,000 UK identifications)

Video channels

  1. Tanyptera project
  2. North American Dipterists
  3. Dipterists Forum


  1. British Wildlife
  2. ResearchGate article
  3. Roger's Blog
  4. Paradox
  5. iMatch


  1. About
  2. Dipterists Forum projects
  3. Markdown



  1. Freshwater Habitats Trust


Dipterists Forum's Open Data on NBN Atlas 7 Recording Schemes & 9 Field Week expeditions. An experimental page detailing our Epoch 3 Expeditions (1997 to 2018)
Spreadsheets: these are constantly being revised and updated so ensure you obtain the latest version:

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