European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Bulletin 93


This page augments the print version of Bulletin 93 by providing links to numerous websites and downloads.
The current list of Diptera-related Scratchpads and iNaturalist sites, some recording based resources and others.


Species status reviews (Dave Heaver):.
  1. Natural England catalogue
  2. JNCC catalogue
  3. Pantheon database
  4. Red list summary sheet
  5. see below for the Diptera Family list

  1. Official site, official guide, my guide


Dipterists Forum's Open Data on NBN Atlas 7 Recording Schemes & 9 Field Week expeditions. An experimental page detailing our Epoch 3 Expeditions (1997 to 2018)
Spreadsheets: these are constantly being revised and updated so ensure you obtain the latest version:
 1. Diptera Families, all 110 UK Families, cross-matched to Recording Schemes, iRecord verifiers, suggested keys and other useful information. Version 1 (2021-12-18). Version 3 (2022-02-09)
 2. Expeditions: details of all of Dipterists Forum's expeditions from 1973 to date. Version 3 (2021-12-19)

  1. Trevor James: Improving Wildlife data quality: guidance on data verification, validation and their application in biological recording

iRecord & iNaturalist.
  1. BRC announcement
  2. Smaller Acalypterate Families

Recording Schemes.
  1. Conopid ResearchGate initiative
  2. Micropezids & Tanypezids - Atlas & status assessment

Publications from field meetings.
  1. Field Meeting of the Dipterists Forum at Abergavenny, June 1997
  2. Dorset Field Meeting 27 June to 4 July 1998. Dipterists Forum Occasional Publication
  3. A Diptera Recording Schemes field meeting October 1983. (Norfolk)
  4. Diptera Recording Schemes field meeting report 1993 - Norfolk. a preliminary report.

Recording projects.
  1. Steve Falk digitisation project

BRC initiative DECIDE .


  1. Google Earth file: Norfolk 1993 (useful reference for our 2022 Summer Field Week)

  1. iNaturalist Forum "How do you keep your personal Records"
  2. Free EXIF editors

  1. "Principles of archiving” at the US Library of Congress
  2. Gabriela Redwine’s “Personal Digital Archiving


Summarised in Bulletin 88, p9.  The dates at the following indicate the last time each was updated

Agromyzidae 2020 - date
 Micropezids & Tanypezids (this site) 2018 - date
 British Scathophagidae: 2015-07-09
 Lonchaeidae Online: to date
 Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory
 Fungus Gnats Online:
 Milichidae online:
 Sciomyzidae 21/01/2016
 Drosophilidae 14/01/2016
 Simuliidae (Black Flies) 30/09/2014
 Tabanidae 29/09/2014
 Scatopsoidea 05/09/2014
 Syrphidae Community Website 26/07/2014
 Flesh Flies (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) 02/05/2014
 Tachinidae Recording Scheme 10/07/2013
 Empidoidea 13/10/2010


Conopidae UK
Bangor Dipterists Forum Field Week 2014
Cornwall Dipterists Forum Field Week 2021
European Kelp flies 2021
Crane Flies of the United Kingdom
Diptera of Europe
European Heleomyzid Flies (Diptera:Heleomyzidae)
European Micropezids and Tanypezids
European Picture-winged flies - various Families
European Sarcophagidae
European Sciomyzids
European Sepsid Flies (Diptera : Sepsidae)
Lance-flies of the World (Lonchaeidae)
Smaller Acalypterate Families Acalypterate Families (Diptera) not covered by current UK Recording Schemes
The Flat-footed Flies of the United Kingdom
UK Tachinid Recording Scheme
Wildlife of the UK and Ireland

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