European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Contributions to the knowledge of some Families of Diptera Acalyptrata in Romania

Taxonomic name: 
Calobata petronella (European species), Chamaepsila atra (European species), Chamaepsila humeralis (European species), Chamaepsila limbatella (European species), Chamaepsila morio (European species), Chamaepsila nigra (European species), Chamaepsila nigricornis (European species), Chamaepsila obscuritarsis (European species), Chamaepsila pallida (European species), Chamaepsila pectoralis (European species), Chamaepsila rosae (European species), Chyliza annulipes (European species), Chyliza leptogaster (European species), Chyliza nova (European species), Chyliza vittata (European species), Cnodacophora sellata (European species), Imantimyia albiseta (European species), Imantimyia fulviventris (European species), Imantimyia nigrifrons (European species), Loxocera aristata (European species), Megamerina (European species), Megamerina dolium (European species), Micropeza (European species), Micropeza angustipennis (European species), Micropeza corrigiolata (European species), Neria cibaria (European species), Neria ephippium (European species), Neria nigricornis (European species), Pseudopomyza (European species), Pseudopomyza atrimana (European species), Psila fimetaria (European species), Psila merdaria (European species), Psilosoma audouini (European species), Psilosoma lefebvrei (European species), Rainieria (European species), Rainieria calceata (European species), Strongylophthalmyia (European species), Strongylophthalmyia ustulata (European species), Tanypeza (European species), Tanypeza longimana (European species)
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