European Micropezids & Tanypezids

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Vernacular names: European Micropezids & Tanypezids (Diptera, Nerioidea & Diopsoidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:D. P. Sumner
Journal:Dipterists Forum Open Access
Keywords:Calobata petronella, Chamaepsila andreji, Chamaepsila atra, Chamaepsila bicolor, Chamaepsila buccata, Chamaepsila clunalis, Chamaepsila confusa, Chamaepsila ephippium, Chamaepsila gracilis, Chamaepsila humeralis, Chamaepsila kaszabi, Chamaepsila limbatella, Chamaepsila longipennis, Chamaepsila luteola, Chamaepsila martineki, Chamaepsila morio, Chamaepsila nigra, Chamaepsila nigricornis, Chamaepsila nigrosetosa, Chamaepsila nigrotaeniata, Chamaepsila obscuritarsis, Chamaepsila pallida, Chamaepsila pectoralis, Chamaepsila persimilis, Chamaepsila problematica, Chamaepsila pseudobicolor, Chamaepsila quadrilineata, Chamaepsila rosae, Chamaepsila rozkosnyi, Chamaepsila rufa, Chamaepsila sardoa, Chamaepsila setalba, Chamaepsila strigata, Chamaepsila tenebrica, Chamaepsila unilineata, Chamaepsila villosula, Chyliza annulipes, Chyliza extenuata, Chyliza gracilis, Chyliza leptogaster, Chyliza nova, Chyliza vittata, Cnodacophora sellata, Cnodacophora stylifera, common names, diop-, diopsoidea, europe, folk taxonomy, Imantimyia albiseta, Imantimyia fulviventris, Imantimyia nigrifrons, Imantimyia sylvatica, Loxocera aristata, Loxocera hoffmannseggi, Loxocera maculata, Megamerina dolium, Megamerinidae, Micropeza angustipennis, Micropeza atripes, Micropeza brevipennis, Micropeza cingulata, Micropeza corrigiolata, Micropeza grallatrix, Micropeza hispanica, Micropeza kawalii, Micropeza lateralis, Micropeza nigra, micropezidae, micropezids, Neria cibaria, Neria commutata, Neria dentigera, Neria ephippium, Neria femoralis, Neria longiceps, Neria nigricornis, Neria octoannulata, nerioidea, Oxypsila abdominalis, Pseudopomyza atrimana, Pseudopomyzidae, Psila fimetaria, Psila helvetica, Psila merdaria, Psila sibirica, Psilidae, Psilosoma audouini, Psilosoma lefebvrei, Rainieria calceata, Rainieria latifrons, sidae, Sphyracephala europaea, Strongylophthalmyia paula, Strongylophthalmyia pictipes, Strongylophthalmyia ustulata, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Tanypeza longimana, Tanypezidae, tanypezids, vernacular names
Taxonomic name: 
Calobata petronella (European species), Chamaepsila andreji (European species), Chamaepsila atra (European species), Chamaepsila bicolor (European species), Chamaepsila buccata (European species), Chamaepsila clunalis (European species), Chamaepsila confusa (European species), Chamaepsila ephippium (European species), Chamaepsila gracilis (European species), Chamaepsila humeralis (European species), Chamaepsila kaszabi (European species), Chamaepsila limbatella (European species), Chamaepsila longipennis (European species), Chamaepsila luteola (European species), Chamaepsila martineki (European species), Chamaepsila morio (European species), Chamaepsila nigra (European species), Chamaepsila nigricornis (European species), Chamaepsila nigrosetosa (European species), Chamaepsila nigrotaeniata (European species), Chamaepsila obscuritarsis (European species), Chamaepsila pallida (European species), Chamaepsila pectoralis (European species), Chamaepsila persimilis (European species), Chamaepsila problematica (European species), Chamaepsila pseudobicolor (European species), Chamaepsila quadrilineata (European species), Chamaepsila rosae (European species), Chamaepsila rozkosnyi (European species), Chamaepsila rufa (European species), Chamaepsila sardoa (European species), Chamaepsila setalba (European species), Chamaepsila strigata (European species), Chamaepsila tenebrica (European species), Chamaepsila unilineata (European species), Chamaepsila villosula (European species), Chyliza annulipes (European species), Chyliza extenuata (European species), Chyliza leptogaster (European species), Chyliza nova (European species), Chyliza vittata (European species), Cnodacophora sellata (European species), Cnodacophora stylifera (European species), Diopsoidea (European species), Imantimyia albiseta (European species), Imantimyia fulviventris (European species), Imantimyia nigrifrons (European species), Imantimyia sylvatica (European species), Loxocera aristata (European species), Loxocera hoffmannseggi (European species), Loxocera maculata (European species), Megamerina dolium (European species), Megamerinidae (European species), Micropeza angustipennis (European species), Micropeza atripes (European species), Micropeza brevipennis (European species), Micropeza cingulata (European species), Micropeza corrigiolata (European species), Micropeza grallatrix (European species), Micropeza hispanica (European species), Micropeza kawalli (European species), Micropeza lateralis (European species), Micropeza nigra (European species), Micropezidae (European species), Neria cibaria (European species), Neria commutata (European species), Neria dentigera (European species), Neria ephippium (European species), Neria femoralis (European species), Neria longiceps (European species), Neria nigricornis (European species), Neria octoannulata (European species), Nerioidea (European species), Oxypsila abdominalis (European species), Pseudopomyza atrimana (European species), Pseudopomyzidae (European species), Psila fimetaria (European species), Psila helvetica (European species), Psila merdaria (European species), Psila sibirica (European species), Psilidae (European species), Psilosoma audouini (European species), Psilosoma lefebvrei (European species), Rainieria calceata (European species), Rainieria latifrons (European species), Sphyracephala europaea (European species), Strongylophthalmyia paula (European species), Strongylophthalmyia pictipes (European species), Strongylophthalmyia ustulata (European species), Strongylophthalmyiidae (European species), Tanypeza longimana (European species), Tanypezidae (European species)
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